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What To Look For In A Ob-Gyn — by Some of Singapore’s Top Gynaecologists

What To Look For In A Ob-Gyn — by Some of Singapore’s Top Gynaecologists

What To Look For In A Ob-Gyn — by Some of Singapore’s Top Gynaecologists

Your gynae will likely guide you through some important life events. How to pick a good one?

Here are some expert tips from some of Singapore’s top gynaecologists.

From birth-control tips, preconception counselling and antenatal care to regular check-ups of your reproductive organs, your gynaecologist plays a big role in the most intimate female health concerns throughout your life stages. Searching for the right person can be tricky and a lot of research may be involved.

Before you start, here are some questions to ask yourself first:

Do You Feel Comfortable With Your Doctor?

You want a gynaecologist who will listen to you and be supportive to your concerns without judging. Whether you feel absolutely comfortable to open up and discuss sensitive health issues with him or her should be a prime consideration. After all, he or she is the one who will examine your body, ask questions about your lifestyle and sexual activities, check you for diseases and perform routine tests, such as pap smears. Use your first visit as a litmus test to see if you feel comfortable.

Does Your Doctor Have Good Credentials?

Ask around for recommendations from your family, colleagues and friends. People may have different preferences when it comes to their gynae but the experiences they share can definitely help to narrow down your list. If you are planning on having a family and getting pregnant, check if your gynaecologist is a qualified obstetrician. An obstetrician-gynecologist (ob-gyn) is equipped with the skills to take care of your pregnancy in addition to delivering your baby. He or she is well-trained to handle pregnancy with risks, different delivery methods and emergencies. Check the Singapore Medical Council website for a prospective doctor’s essential qualifications.

Do You Want a Female or Male Doctor?

Many women may say they prefer a female ob-gyn , citing comfort levels as their reason. That can be a valid priority for some patients; however, there are a host of other factors to consider, such as experience, personality match and more. For example, you may find a better match with a male ob-gyn who has more experience in say, complicated deliveries, and has a clinic in a location that’s more accessible than an equally qualified female gynae.

Is Your Doctor Accessible?

Do you have any preferred clinics and hospitals, especially where you want to give birth? Some ob-gyns only work in selected hospitals, so make sure your ob-gyn is affiliated with high-standard women’s health clinic and obstetric services.

Clinic location should be carefully considered, particularly when you need frequent doctor’s visits, such as during pregnancy. Choose an ob-gyn whose workplace is within a short distance and easy to get to via car, public transport or taxi, whichever you prefer. Check the office hours of your ob-gyn and ask who will cover when he/she is not available, just in case.

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