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Smart Mum Network goes live with 1st Pregnancy Chatbot using A.I. launched by Singapore Health Tech Company

Smart Mum Network goes live with 1st Pregnancy Chatbot using A.I. launched by Singapore Health Tech Company


Singapore – Smart Mum Network ( announced that its new website will be available from 2nd March 2018 with user registration commencing today, from the user registration page. Smart Mum Network is owned by Asia Digital Doctor Pte Ltd.

Today, with the launch of this site, a new milestone is achieved in the convergence of health and new technology such as cloud, Artificial intelligence (A.I.) to simplify lives.

The very helpful Smart Mum Network How to use video provided below provides a quick introduction to how the site can be used

“We wanted to do something special and incredible for mums and parents, so we created a website with the 1st pregnancy chatbot in Singapore, in Asia and possibly Worldwide.” said CEO Dexter Wee. “Our website aims to help women/parents in Singapore and In Asia by using the latest digital technologies such as pregnancy chatbot, and building a pregnancy community. It will provide educational information on pregnancy care which is provided by medical experts, so that all mothers can have a healthy pregnancy and baby. To help reduce the learning curve and provide clear and concise messages, our content will be rolled out incrementally via a 2-3 minute videos n the youTube channel to make learning interesting and memorable.”

The site, will provide the following key initial capabilities, 1. pregnancy chatbot, 2, a weekly pregnancy journey. 3. a forum for parents to network and a large comprehensive database of articles in the area of pregnancy care.

Users will be able to ask the chatbot which will provide 24/7 answers to their questions on pregnancy using the latest digital A.I. based technology. Over 200,000 hours of contents were programmed to build the AI chatbot which will provide accurate and medically validated answers.

About Smart Mum Network

Smart Mum Network is the leading edge site for parents by parents in Asia. Smart Mum will use and and deploy digital technology such as cloud technology, artificial intelligence, and parent communities to educate and simplify life for every woman and parent in Asia.

Additional Information

Web site :

Smart Mum Network






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