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Pregnancy Weeks 26 and 27

Pregnancy Weeks 26 and 27

Pregnancy Weeks 26 and 27

It’s getting closer to your third trimester! Mums moving past Week 25 and into final 2 weeks of the second trimester will have a lot to look forward to. Here are the major happenings to watch out for in Weeks 26 and 27 of your pregnancy.

What Happens to Your Baby

In Week 26, not only can your baby hear properly, but the baby’s pulse is also affected by the sounds it hears. This means your voice will become more familiar to the baby and you can even start talking or singing songs to interact with your little one! It’s not a certainty though — in some cases, it could be the dad’s voice that the baby responds to more.

Trish Koon, research assistant and mum-to-be, says, “I don’t really speak that much, it’s my husband who speaks to the baby. And I don’t know if the baby responds, but he’s been moving quite actively. We don’t know whether it’s the music or if it’s because we are speaking to him but it’s almost like he’s boxing. I feel the movement every now and then.”

The baby’s cheeks are also getting chubbier around this time. The lungs are fully formed but may not be ready to suck in air yet.

You can expect you baby to be as big as a leek now, which is nearly 35 centimetres.

In Week 27, it will be common to find your baby sucking their thumb. This is generally something the baby does to soothe themselves, while also strengthening the muscles around their cheek and jaw.

What Happens to Your Body

Week 26 is a time when mums may feel a lot of movement in their abdomen. This is not a worrying sign, and instead should be reassuring for you that you baby is developing normally.

The baby’s continuing growth means that you will gain more weight, at the rate of nearly 450 grams every week, which is normal for this time during pregnancy. This also could lead to slight pains in your ribs, as the baby starts pushing up against your rib cage. And since your womb stretches, you might also feel pain on the sides of your belly. The baby’s push towards your rectum could also lead to constipation.

If you have trouble sleeping, doctors recommend sleeping on your left side, and maybe even fitting a pillow underneath.

In Week 27, mums will feel their wombs expanding more and the stretch marks may become more visible. The weight gain may make it hard for you to balance and move around easily. The pressure on your sciatic nerve along your spine can also cause more pain in your lower back.

Next week marks the start of Trimester 3.

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