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Pregnancy Week 14

Pregnancy Week 14

Pregnancy Week 14

As you move past Week 13 of pregnancy in the second trimester, your baby is growing fast and your body is experiencing more changes. In Week 14, here are the key developments to look out for.

What Happens to Your Baby

Your baby has been growing quickly; this pace will continue this week, although your baby’s body proportions are not complete yet. Baby’s neck will grow longer, their chin is starting to take shape, and their ears will have moved from the neck to the sides of the head.

Your baby’s nervous system has also started developing, meaning that soon they may be able to respond to external stimuli. For instance, if you poke your belly, they may try to wiggle away, though you may not feel it yet, especially if it’s your first pregnancy.

Along with this, the immune system is also starting to take shape, as your baby’s spleen begins to take over development of red blood cells, crucial in circulating oxygen in the body and maintaining health. Your baby may also start swallowing the fluid inside your womb at this time, in which case they will pass this as urine as their kidneys are now capable of producing urine.

Your baby has grown to about 9 centimetres this week! That’s about the size of a lemon or bell pepper —still small enough to float around in your womb without you feeling it or causing you pain.

What Happens to Your Body

During Week 14, you may notice that you don’t vomit or feel dizzy as often as in the first trimester. Trimester 2 is generally a time when things start getting better for mums. A common worry mothers have during the first trimester is the bloatedness, and this largely subsides now.

Obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Tan Thiam Chye says, “Once the body adjusts to the hormonal changes, all these symptoms usually disappear by second trimester. It doesn’t go throughout the pregnancy. Once they cross the 13-week mark, all these symptoms will gradually subside.” He advises mums to understand that the changes during the first trimester are temporary and to know that there’s an end, especially to vomiting.

Trish Koon, research assistant and soon-to-be-mum shares a similar experience: “The giddiness and vomiting lasted until the second week of the second trimester. Then it got better — my appetite came back, I ate a lot and everything just felt good.”

You may salivate more during this week, and may notice that spider veins start to appear on your body. Don’t worry, these marks usually disappear after delivery. This is also around the time when you can start wearing maternity clothes, so go ahead and start trying these out to be more comfortable.

In the next week, you will see continued growth in your baby, including formation of the genital organs so if you want, you might be able to bring home some good news about the sex you’re expecting!

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