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Pregnancy Week 11

Pregnancy Week 11

Pregnancy Week 11

At Week 11 you are just a week away from your first pregnancy check-up, so it’s a good time to prepare any questions you may have, and make the most of entering Trimester 2 of your pregnancy journey.

Think About Sex

In 2 weeks you will be in Trimester 2, when most women find that they feel their best and most energetic. Think about planning a babymoon for you and your partner, time away together before the baby arrives.

For some women sex is the last thing on their mind, but others feel re-energised in Trimester 2 and look forward to the opportunity to reconnect physically with their partner, especially as experts may advise abstaining from sex during Trimester 1.

“I would suggest to avoid sex in Trimester 1 because bleeding can occur,” says Dr Tan Thiam Chye, an obstetrician and gynaecologist.

“Once the pregnancy is more stable in the second trimester then you can attempt to have sex,” says Dr Tan. “You will have to find what is the most comfortable position, because as your tummy grows bigger, positions like for instance lying supine (on the back) may be difficult. Certain positions may feel uncomfortable, so do speak with your partner.”

He adds, “Actually some couples feel they don’t even need to have sex during pregnancy; a lot of times it’s just physical intimacy that keeps the relationship going rather than sex itself.”

Time to Sleep

While your baby is only the size of a lime at this stage, your little one is becoming very active. Even their hair follicles are growing. As well as working to grow your baby, your body is also developing the placenta, which acts as your baby’s life support system until they are safely delivered. So it is no surprise that even if you are getting plenty of rest you may still feel very tired.

Try a warm bath before bed to help you sleep — but make sure the water is not hot. High temperature in early pregnancy is bad for the developing baby; it increases the chances of miscarriage and birth defects like spine malformation. All treatments that raise your body temperature should be off limits including the sauna, steam room and hot tub. Even a high fever may be dangerous at this stage.

Youtube Common Pregnancy Symptoms Video

Watch this video on the 6 Common Pregnancy Symptoms in 1st Trimester by Dr Tan Thiam Chye


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