Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Smart Mum Network About ?

The smart mum network is about having mums and parents being in a community with each other, to network share tips, stories and have a great time together.

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Watch how to use the Artificial Intelligence Chatbot in Action

Can I use this site in place of medical advice ?

No, this site is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please read our terms and conditions on using this site.

Is this site for free ?

Yep, use it for the improvement of all of us. 🙂

Can I create my own group or forum ?

Go right ahead and create your own groups.
If you are a company intending to create your own group, Please contact me on the About Us | contact form

The usual places for companies are

  • Company Communities eg XYZ Community
  • Ask Me Anything
  • Competition etc

Just remember that for a forum, you will need to build a group 1st.

What is Ai our Artificial Intelligence Pregnancy Chatbot

What is Ai (Pregnancy Chatbot)

Ai is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence Chatbot built to address frequently asked questions about pregnancy (FAQ).
So now mothers can ask questions 24 hours a day, at her convenience.

How to use the chatbot

Just type in 1 to 2 words to make it easy for Ai to understand,

Try common question such as …

  • fertility
  • subfertility
  • sex
  • ectopic
  • bleeding
  • weight gain
  • coffee
  • caffeine
  • pap smear

Enjoy !

How smart is Ai ?

Ai has over 2,000 answers, with qualified doctors who have vetted these answers, spending over 1 year, to create the database for Ai.
And it will continue to get smarter all the time.

What the URL for Pregnancy Chatbot ?

Click here to reach the our A.I. Pregnancy Chatbot

Can you build an AI chatbot for me ?

Happy to hear that, just give us a buzz at the to build an AI chatbot !

What are the popular pages for Smart Mum Network

Smart Mum Network

Home Page

Smart Mum Network Chatbot Homepage

Smart Mum Pregnancy Chatbot

Smart Mum Network FB Page

Smart Mum Facebook Page

Smart Mum Network YouTube Channel

Smart Mum YouTube Page

Smart Mum Network Forums

Smart Mum Forum Page

Smart Mum Network Community

Smart Mum Community Page

Smart Mum Network Blog Page

Smart Mum Blog Page

Smart Mum Network FAQ Page

Smart Mum FAQ Page

What is the Social Channels for Smartmum

I like to be part of the editorial team ? and contribute articles ?

Happy to hear that, just give us a buzz at the contact me page !!!

How do I advertise with you ?

Happy to hear that, just give us a buzz at the contact me page !!!

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