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Revealed: The Best Sex Positions for Getting Pregnant 2018

Revealed: The Best Sex Positions for Getting Pregnant 2018

Revealed: The Best Sex Positions for Getting Pregnant

There is no proven scientific evidence supporting the claim that some sexual positions are better than others for conception. However, those that create a more favourable environment for sperm to survive and swim towards the egg are more likely to achieve pregnancy success.

Sex in Pregnancy Video by TC Tan

Shortening the Distance

Sperm are swimmers. From the moment of ejaculation, they swim towards the egg, travelling through the tunnel of the fallopian tube. But to get there, the sperms have to swim through the vagina, the cervix and the womb before they can reach their destination.

The female vagina is naturally acidic so it is actually a treacherous channel that the sperms have to swim through before reaching safe haven. As such, any sexual position that enables deeper penetration — allowing for ejaculation nearest to the neck of womb — is more ideal for conception.

Rear-entry positions such as doggy style and male-on-top positions such as missionary are preferable because they allow deeper penetration. Think about these facts!

Work with Gravity

When the partner ejaculates during intercourse, the sperms are already inside the female body. However, if you have sex sitting down or standing up, or if you leave the bed immediately after sex, some semen may leak out. For successful conception you want as many sperm cells as possible to make their way to the egg.

After sex, lie in bed for around 20–30 minutes and tilt your hips upwards (it’s a good idea to put a pillow underneath for support) to give the sperm a little help. Have gravity work in your favour, not against.

Frequency More Important than Position

Needless to say, sex during your fertile window will increase the likelihood of conception. You and your partner should be having sex every 2 to 3 days if you’re actively trying for a baby (yes, it is hard work but enjoyable!). Ultimately, having sex more often — no matter the position — is a much better way to improve the probability of conception rather than adopting the best position but only doing it once a month.

Some couples keep trying different positions to maintain the thrill and fun element in bed — while others find it preferable to stick to a few tried-and-true positions. Bottom line: if it helps you maintain the frequency (and in turn the chances of getting pregnant) it’s a good position.

While achieving female orgasm may not always be possible, some studies suggest that female orgasm creates womb and tubal contractions which will propel the sperms forward. In addition, sex is more pleasurable for both partners, taking the stress away and, again, giving couples a good chance of a baby!

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