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Antenatal Care: Which Package is Right for Me?

Antenatal Care: Which Package is Right for Me?

Antenatal Care: Which Package is Right for Me?

Here’s a handy round-up of antenatal care packages from various hospitals to help you decide on the best pre-delivery care for you and your baby.

Most specialist clinics and public and private hospitals in Singapore provide antenatal care packages to ensure that you receive the best care and treatment in the lead-up to your delivery. Take a look at what they offer mothers-to-be to decide which hospital you should deliver your little one at.

National University Hospital

Obstetricians from public hospitals, like the National University Hospital (NUH), usually offer cheaper antenatal packages without sacrificing the quality of care.

Furthermore, if you are worried about delivery costs, then you may be glad to know that NUH, which specialises in high-risk pregnancies, also offers two-in-one antenatal and delivery packages.

The antenatal package includes:
• Consultations with your obstetrician from 22 weeks of pregnancy until delivery
• Two ultrasound scans to monitor the growth of your baby
• One postnatal consultation

Private outpatient antenatal packages for Singapore citizens start at $845.30 for a Consultant.

Note: this package does not include your first visit to the obstetrician, non-pregnancy-related consultations, vitamins and external tests for abnormalities in the baby.

Thomson Medical Clinic

If you have maternity insurance, then choosing a private women’s clinic, like Thomson Medical Clinic, is a no-brainer as they tend to offer added comforts such as shorter waiting times and smoother administrative and billing processes.

Thomson Medical Clinic offers a comprehensive pre-conception screening package, which includes:
• A physical examination
• Measurement of your Body Mass Index
• Measurement of blood pressure
• A Pap smear
• Imaging of the Womb and Ovaries
• Blood tests to check on ovarian health, immunity to rubella and infectious diseases

Contact Thomson Medical Clinic directly for costings on their antenatal packages.

Astra Women’s Specialists

Aside from public and private hospitals, you may also want to consider consulting a prenatal specialist a little closer to home. This way, you will not have to worry about commuting across the country for a test or scan while coping with the weather and pregnancy weight, and save on transport/parking costs at the same time

Astra Women’s Specialists has several clinics across Singapore, from Novena to Bishan and even Jurong East, and offers a comprehensive range of scans and tests as part of their antenatal packages.

Their antenatal care offerings include:
• Advice on maternal nutrition
• Ultrasound scans
• Non-invasive prenatal tests to screen your child for genetic disorders
• Foetal blood tests
• Maternal health screening

Prices start at $1000 for antenatal packages for week 20 onwards. Contact the respective Astra Women’s Specialists clinics directly for updated costings as the the antenatal packages offered may vary slightly depending on your preferred specialist.

How to Save on Maternity Expenses

To save on maternity expenses, you may want to consider using your Medisave Maternity Package, which allows you to claim up to S$900 for pre-delivery care. For more information on how to make a Medisave claim for pre-delivery charges, visit the Ministry of Health’s website.


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