About Us

About Us

About Smart Mum Network

What is Smart Mum Network

Our goal is to provide a network for parents, by employing the latest digital health technology to simplify the lives of mum/parents. Get answers 24×7 with our digital chatbot using Artificial Intelligence to provide round the clock answers with the world’s 1st pregnancy chatbot.

Below is a 2 minute video on how to use the Artificial Intelligence Pregnancy Chatbot below

What did it take to build this site ?

  • It took over 200,000 hours, of sweat
  • Over 2,000 questions & answers
  • a team of 20 people to pull this together

This website was born from a desire to provide practical and down to earth education for women at each stage of their life, and for parents to swap advice about anything and everything like baby equipment, pediatric childcare, and yes even holidays, the things that parents and talk about and swop information, to help their fellow human avoid the potholes in life.

How did Smart Mum Network Get Started

At the very beginning, we realized that there is a need for parent to get together to discuss and field various questions to each other and so our aim is to

  • Make the asian parent lives a little bit easier by providing information, content and
  • an online community, to keep abreast of things that are happening.

How we would like site to be used.

  • As parent, we have a lot things that we experience and we would like to share them with others for fun, to get a good laugh and sometimes just to blow off steam to get a good grip on ourselves.
  • Everything under the sun is valued that is part of lives as parents, even where to hire a mermaid for childrens party.
  • Feel free to start your own community, or forum.
  • All your opinions are valued, as long as they don’t break any laws and you don’t spam us with advertisement.
  • There is a place for advertisements in the Ask-Me-Anything Section for sponsored ads and content.

Partners of Smart Mum

The initial and growing list of our partners


 SMG Womens Health

SMG Women’s Health

We are the Women’s Health arm of Singapore Medical Group (SMG), with a network of 13 Obstetrics & Gynaecology clinics and 10 specialists, dedicated to providing our best for women’s health and wellness care.


Mothercare Singapore is known for its strong reputation for quality, safety and innovation in their products and services for mothers, mothers to be, babies and children.


E&S Blessing

E&S Blessing is a social enterprise that celebrates every mother and child through their thoughtfully curated gifts boxes that are of quality, practicality and style. They hold a deeper call that every child is a reward and seek to bless and show love to every family they meet because they believe that families are precious blessings.
E&S currently partners HSCA Dayspring and commits 10% of their proceeds towards supporting single mothers in Singapore, with the goal of ultimately building stronger, healthier families in our locality and beyond.


Advertising Policy

We don’t accept things that cause misery to other people like loan sharks ads.

The Hope

I do hope that you will find the site useful for its down to earth material, meet friends in the community and contribute back to society by giving helpful information. 🙂

The Future

Who knows what the future will bring, but we have big plans for our baby, and the simple driving force, is how do create as much value as possible while breaking down barriers and simplifying our lives at the same time.

This is our challenge, but I do hope that you will join us in this journey. 🙂


Warmest Regards


Chief Banana and Editor