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Abortion Options in Singapore

Abortion Options in Singapore

Abortion Options in Singapore

What do you need to know when considering an abortion here in Singapore? Here are the answers to some common questions.

Can an Abortion be Performed at Any Time during the Pregnancy?

While there is no defined minimum or maximum age for an abortion procedure in Singapore it is prohibited after week 24 of pregnancy by law.

Who Can Have an Abortion in Singapore?

You are eligible for an abortion in Singapore if you are a Singaporean citizen, permanent resident (PR), hold an employment pass, or are the wife of a Singapore citizen or employment pass holder. Foreigners can only get an abortion here if they have been residing in the country for 4 months or more.

What is the Process?

First, make an appointment with your GP or an obstetrician. Your doctor will then direct you to a counsellor for mandatory pre-abortion counselling; which is followed by a mandatory waiting period of 48 hours after the counselling before the procedure can be done. Patients will normally undergo post-abortion counselling after the procedure and may be required to return a week later to check for any complications.

What Details are Needed Before an Abortion is Performed?

The most important information needed is the gestational age of the pregnancy and the size of the pregnancy. This is done via consultation with a gynaecologist and an ultrasound test.

Why are Abortions Usually Performed in Singapore?

Abortions can occur because of the mother’s health; for example if she’s suffering from a severe disease or heart problem and there is a high risk of her dying because of the stress of the pregnancy. Some women choose to have abortions because of the health of the baby — due to fatal genetic problems, but gynaecologist and obstetrician Dr Tan Thiam Chye says these are rare. Other reasons could be purely social.

What are the Types of Abortion Available in Singapore?

The abortion method varies according to the gestation age of the pregnancy. First trimester abortion is usually by surgical aspiration and done under general anaesthesia. Second trimester abortion, from 12 to 24 weeks, is more complicated, with hospitalisation normally required.

Where Can You Have an Abortion in Singapore?

The public hospitals that carry out abortions are KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Singapore General Hospital and National University Hospital. The procedure is also available at private hospitals as well as at private abortion clinics.

What are the Main Considerations to Bear in Mind if Considering an Abortion at a Private Clinic?

If you decide the choose a private clinic for the procedure, it’s advisable to find out the following:

  • Where will the procedure be done (for example, is it within the clinic itself)?
  • The types of facilities at the clinic
  • What kind of anaesthesia will be used?

How Much Does an Abortion Cost in Singapore?

According to AWARE Singapore, an abortion in Singapore can cost between S$800 to S$5,000, depending on where the procedure is conducted. These costs include doctor consultation and follow-ups, medications and ultrasound scans.

Normally, the age of your pregnancy is the determining factor in how much an abortion will cost. Aborting an advanced pregnancy is more complex and will therefore be more expensive. Other factors that might affect the costs include the method of abortion, the anaesthetist fee and any pre-existing medical conditions that you may have.

Can MediSave be Used?

Singaporeans, PRs and spouses of citizens and PRs may use their MediSave —between S$900 and S$1,050 — to offset the cost of procedure.

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